Francesco Rucher ART

The inventory


The futility process of democratization of art


The recruitment overshadowed by the obvious through digital photography


The succession of metopes, prior to metropolitan friezes and color reduction in a clear form

thanks to the addition of two electrons


The exasperation of apathy led by fiber optics


Fried eggs with an informal egg yolk boiled carrots that look

like carrots or remote control aircrafts


Threadlike beings and the misunderstanding between the

psychobilly music, the magnetization of ferromagnetic

material and the apocalypse of Juan


Freezing eggplant parmigiana and waiting for the next visit

from space eventually with revelations

about the presence of a hydrosphere

an extrasolar planet


The penultimate temptation of Christ in Mac Murdo station with

a carpet dealer from Queensland


The Etruscans and Tlaloc


The meatballs in tomato sauce heated with radio waves


Calcata and Calcutta


God’s mediocrity etc etc