2016 | digital 81 x 144 cm | Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico



In technical term BUFF that is the remedial action from the scribble, by using paint, usually by the owner of the wall. I decided to name this combination BLOCKING ART by contrasting it to the official accusatory term and by legitimizing it as an autonomous expression. The covers are usually painted with average width flat brushes or rollers and form rectangles of paint from the color range approximate to the original color of the wall. It's possible to see more baroque or dynamic executions when trying, for example, to cover the scribble by following the contour. The act of coverage has always been considered censorship but, as far as the current context, the covering blocks indicate revelations. To cover is to reveal. To reveal is to disappear. The anonymous execution takes place in two progressive phases through a sort of paradoxical duel relay between generational aversions, involuntary confessions in parallel territories where the first author has the unconscious privilege of choosing the sector and the block size (the vandal), while the second one has the privilege of choosing the color and the shape of the block (the owner of the wall).The relationship between the authors is non-existent and posture is that of the soliloquy. In this first project of presentation i propose myself as the author of a third phase, that is of definition of the work by means of photography, the cut out of the framing and the digital and manual intervention of painting required for exhibition purposes.

So I conceived this first project of BLOCKING ART. On this page are published 9 interventions made in Oaxaca (Mexico). The image format follows the cinematic proportions of 16:9.